Passive construction

As part of sustainable construction, when we place the focus on an energy-efficient design and construction, we now quickly come into contact with Passive Construction. Passive Construction means that the building made of an effectively designed shell is sufficiently energy-efficient, without requiring an extensive/active installation.

The orientation of the residences and the warming and cooling of the residences is an important aspect of that. Vastbouw now constructs homes in the Netherlands according to the Passive Construction concept, e.g. based on our proven experience in Germany.

Due to the pressure not to end up with tremendously thick insulation packages and to achieve a well-detailed and airtight structure, rapid innovations have been made over the past years throughout the entire Vastbouw Group.

Because the ‘resident behaviour’ has a significant impact on the energy consumption and the healthy and comfortable living, information can be provided (for example, with an ‘energy coach’) to raise awareness of this.

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