From its foundation in 1983, Vastbouw has had expertise in maintenance and renovation. We are active in new building, renovation, restoration, major maintenance, utility construction and project development.

By using our own professionals and our development in construction and organisational methodology, we have grown to become a robust and committed international construction partner.

Vastbouw Oost BV is part of the Vastbouw Group and is the lead construction company within our group. The choice of the term construction company was made deliberately because, here, we want to indicate that, with our in-house professionals, sister companies and extensive experience in construction team cooperation, we want to continue to develop.

Vastbouw Oost BV has multiple branches in the Netherlands. The main office is located in Rijssen and our other branches can be found in the regions of Arnhem, Enschede, Bunschoten, Zwartsluis, Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Grou.

With this national coverage, we are able to offer the business relations full service in every region for every project.

In short, we are a customer-oriented family business with short lines of communication with our clients and partners.


+31 (0)548 - 53 99 99 - info@vastbouw.nl

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