Renovation & restoration

Our renovation activities consist of both small and simple and large and complex projects. It is clearly not just the technology, but more so the contemporary themes within renovation projects that demand the contribution of knowledge within our construction teams.

Over the past years, our extensive experience with communication projects and an environmentally friendly approach has been expanded with experiences in the area of increasing the sustainability of future maintenance (TCO), chain cooperation and transformative assignments.

Each and every one of these are themes that manifest themselves to a greater or lesser degree in the performance of our construction team and are presented in various scenarios. To this, technology, aesthetics the organisational process and ultimately the financing is added.

The love of the field, combined with having multiple skilled people and material knowledge in-house are the basic elements for the restoration projects. Based on our result-oriented approach in renovation projects and good cooperation with specialised co-makers, we have clearly grown over past years in restoration projects, whether in monumental status or otherwise. The structured partnership with specialists in the area of restorations therefore fits well with the extensive Vastbouw’s extensive construction team experience.

The restorations are at every level, but it is clear that our clients these days expect solutions in, for example, the area of conversion and increasing the sustainability of monuments. Because Vastbouw this can contribute this in addition to the requested level of skill, we are able to be a full-fledged partner. We have now completed our first restoration project in a Building Information Model (BIM).

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